AntiMatterMan a.k.a Sascha Windrath started making electronic music, from 1988, in Germany, with an Atari1040STF, two synths and a self-made hall device. Then at Documenta IX in Kassel in 1992 he worked on 'Van Gogh TV' as composer and sound engineer. At the start of the millennia, Sash met with 'INTELLIGENTSIA', motivating his first commercial Project: 'PSYCLONIC PARANDROID', with the release of "Touching Tomorrow" on the 2001 global compilation "World Wide Kind". The German label 'MetaWaveMusic' then signed Psyclonic Parandroid in 2002 with the first release of "I have seen the Future", "Twisted Science" and "City Interlude". Followed by the compilation CD "Futuristic Trips" in April 2003. 'AntiMatterMan' was 'born' in mid 2000 during the creation of a track of the same name. 2005 AntiMatterMan has re-birthed and signed to Earth Academy. AntiMatterMan released several tracks and the solo album "MANIPULATOR" with Earth Academy Records.

Manipulator (CD Album)

Manipulated! (CD Remixes)