Planet hop & globe-trot this ambitious audio journey from some of the most eclectic creators across the spheres of electronica & ambient. Here lies not your average compilation album but a WorldWide series bringing you a cosmopolitan excursion in sound : Positive inspiration meets global collaboration from: Japan, UK, Italy, Germany, USA, Australia, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Scotland, Portugal ...and outer space.

Featuring: Andy Pickford, Astromill, Andy Hagerty, Arthur Loves Plastic, AntiMatterMan, Andrea Priora, Artskool, Alvaro M. Rocha, Bill Canty, Christopher J Wray, Chris Born, Dr Jan, Elemental, Nathan McCree & Matt Kemp, Intelligentsia, Jon Ray, Kees Aerts & Ron Boots, Nicholas D. Kent, Richard Wentk, Steve Deg & Paul Gomersall, Susumu Hirasawa, T-Bass UK, Thomas Gruberski, Victor Cerullo, and XtremeXs.

WorldWideKind (CD)

WorldWideKind 2 (CD)

WorldWideKind 1.5 (Promo CD)

WorldWideKind 2 (signed by Alan Bean, Astronaut)